Mexico has a large population of people who can’t afford to keep a bank account. Referred to as the “unbanked,” this population carries cash to pay for everything, leaving them vulnerable to violent crime as well as making it inconvenient for them when it comes time to pay bills. Ezuza provides a solution by providing financial convenience and freedom. Through their mobile payment app, the unbanked population benefit from the security of phone-based transactions at familiar and convenient locations (e.g., the corner market).

To support the unveiling and launch of this service in Puebla, Mexico, I led the development of the digital visual design language, consulted on UX and UI design for both customer and agent interfaces, and provided consulting and design on venture capital presentations to help Ezuza fund the project. In addition, I collaborated with other creative parties in support of the launch, including a full time UX designer, a cultural consulting firm based in Mexico, and an agency in San Francisco that created the logo and printed materials for launch.

Process and project deliverables included:

  • Wireframes, visual design for customer and agent apps
  • Presentation design and content strategy
  • Content strategy and design of website
  • Social media planning


Creative Direction
Content Strategy
Presentation Design
Visual Design
Art Direction
Social Media
Team Management