In my spare time, I enjoy designing jewelry and fine metal objects. In 2011 I launched Rodinia. Rodinia is the name of the supercontinent formed over a billion years ago when the earth was little more than rock, mineral, fire, and water. Since these elements are the same elements I use to create objects in my line, I felt it was the perfect name for branding my business.

The identity system for Rodinia is fluid, with a mark that speaks to seismic collisions. Shapes within the mark often change relationship slightly to reflect tectonic movement and tremors. Core colors of a dark lava brown and light watery blue evoke the barren landscape of the time, and Hawaiian lava rock salt is used as a base for many photo shoots.

In addition to naming, branding, packaging, and photographic styling, I design all pieces in the lines and produce all designs myself, with the exception of the diamond lily necklace that was produced as a collaboration with a local 3D artist and master jeweler.

Process and project deliverables included:

  • Naming
  • Logo creation
  • Design of packaging and labeling assets
  • Copywriting for websites and product cards
  • Photography styling
  • Technical drawings for 3D modeling
  • Design and production of bronze, silver and gold items
  • Business cards


Photography Styling
Etsy Store Build
Product/Jewelry Design